Skilled Migrant residence update

The government has indicated that they are currently reviewing the Skilled Migrant residence programme. For now:

  • It is possible to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) under the Skilled Migrant category. However, Immigration New Zealand is not carrying out any EOI pool draws. This means that no action will be taken on any EOIs at this time.
  • Immigration New Zealand continues to process Skilled Migrant residence applications for people in New Zealand.
  • There are lengthy delays in processing Skilled Migrant residence applications. Immigration New Zealand is currently allocating Skilled Migrant residence applications which were submitted in July 2019.
  • It is likely that the skilled employment remuneration threshold under the Skilled Migrant category will increase from $25.50/hour to $27/hour later this year.

Hopefully, we will have some more news about the Skilled Migrant residence programme later this month.

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