October 2020 update

There have been many announcements by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) this month, but the two key announcements that we would like to share with you today are:

  • Selection of Skilled Migrant and Parent Expressions of Interest (EOI) deferred – INZ has announced that no selections of Skilled Migrant EOIs or Parent EOIs will take place for six months. While you can still submit an EOI, nothing will happen to your EOI for the next six months and it will remain sitting in the EOI pool.
  • Skills Match Report process streamlined – Previously, all Essential Skills work visa applicants earning less than $25.50/hour were required to obtain a Skills Match Report (SMR) from Work and Income (unless they met the requirements of one of the Skills Shortage Lists). Now, Work and Income has created two lists – an oversupply list and an undersupply list. If you are earning less than $25.50/hour and your role is on one of the lists, Work and Income will no longer issue a SMR but INZ will use the lists to assess whether or not New Zealanders are available for the job.

Please contact appley@starimmigration.co.nz today if you have any questions.