COVID-19 Update 2


  • Healthcare sector: Student visa holders who were employed in an essential healthcare worker role on 3 April 2020 will now be able to work more than 20 hours per week up to 3 July 2020.
  • Visa processing: INZ has closed all of its offices. It has ceased processing nearly all visa applications. The Skilled Migrant and Parent Expression of Interest (EOI) pool draws have been suspended until further notice. The only visas that are currently being processed are those relating to essential workers, essential healthcare workers and requests for urgent travel.
  • Border closure: The New Zealand border remains closed. There are only a few limited exceptions to this. The Government has indicated that it is likely the border will remain closed for some time. Today the Government announced that anyone arriving in New Zealand from midnight tonight will face mandatory quarantine.
  • Financial assistance: The COVID-19 wage subsidy is available to anyone legally working in New Zealand. This includes work visa holders in New Zealand. If you are currently in New Zealand but not employed and require financial assistance, you should contact your embassy or consulate.
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